4 Essential Facts You Need To Know About The Digital World

4 Essential Facts You Need To Know About The Digital World


 No matter how digitized our world is, man is still human, and at the center of all his behavior lies the fact that he is human. But the digital world also naturally has its own rules. There are different ways to exist in the digital world, and by trying these ways, you can further improve your situation. But it is also possible to find countless urban legends or forebodings related to the digital world. We all have an opinion about many of them, but we still wanted to inform you about what these urban legends are and how they should be true. 

1-A / B Tests

In our blog or in countless articles that you also read, We emphasize how important continuous analysis and a/B testing are. Yes, with the A / B test, you can make incredibly large profits, as well as small revenues. Because a / B testing may not always provide short-term gains, it will make you better learn the path you are going. But you may not always get direct effective results from a / B testing.

 Hint: it may not be directly related to our topic, but there is a topic that we want to emphasize. Sometimes you don't just need to do an A/B test, what you need to do is maybe hidden when you honestly need to be able to answer the question of why the customer should shop from you and not from your competitor. So don't forget to evaluate yourself and your brand first for success.

2 - Internet Users Read

There is a fact that we all know that internet users do not read verbatim everything that is on your internet page. Easily usage suggestions, confirmation emails, banners, ads, thin papers, and usability research supports these claims ignore long text columns. If misinterpreted, this most important known information can turn into a dangerous suggestion for you. Because people don't read at all. If you just act on the word “people don't read” and offer little content on the detail pages where you need to tell yourself and your company, you won't be able to communicate with people this time. If people don't read, they're not interested or don't read the main topic that interests them. It's just easier to get bored in the digital world. In short, don't offer little content because it's not readable, but don't drown people when I say I offer content!

Tip: in many cases, detailed descriptions work more than brief descriptions. The trick is to integrate digital content elements correctly (write successfully, number and use titles, avoid heavy professional jargon and be convincing). And most importantly, test, confirm!

3-People may not always be affected by social media and approval

One of the biggest blessings that the digital world provides us with is social media and the confirmation mechanisms created by social media. We have to admit, in the digital world, people can't see you the way they see neighborhood shopkeepers. He tries to understand you, define who you are, and naturally begins to investigate you or the product you sell. In this process, social media and other approval mechanisms(complaints about you, product reviews, etc.) are an area that really works for that institution, but they may not always work. Yes, social media approval is a powerful digital marketing factor, but it can vary a little depending on the user's primary motivation when visiting your page. Do not act without fully understanding people's social behavior. Sometimes social media can be deceptive so that you can understand your location and general customer profile. The trick is to think that approval is important on social media, and to really understand your customers in social media.

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